June 17, 2020

Cameras that made me - Fujifilm X Pro2

I can comfortably say that the Fujifilm X Pro2 is the camera that has really pushed my vision and creativity over the past few years. We spent a little time apart but now in 2020 we have rekindled our love.

Having already experienced the joy of the Fujifilm X100, a wonderfully discreet and gorgeous little fixed lens camera. I did find the camera just a tad small and wanted something a little larger that felt a bit more substantial but still retaining a sense of discreetness about it. Enter the Fujifilm X Pro1, a slighter larger body than the X100 and with the ability to use a number of lenses which Fujifilm were gradually introducing into their system.

We spent a couple of years together but I didn’t take a vast number of shots particular in the street photography environment. And then the Fujifilm X Pro2 launched in 2016. I took the plunge and despite having similar characteristics to the X Pro1, I felt it had something else a certain soul and it blessed me with an awakening of my street photography.

The camera felt wonderful in the hands and a certain joy and pleasure came back into the shooting process. In turn it made street photography enjoyable and very rewarding. I had a new sense of creativity unleashed and my confidence grew as I knew I had a very capable partner in crime to help me capture my vision.

This resulted in a numbers of images being exhibited in London and also the evolution of a number of self-published projects, which I will no doubt talk about in a future post.

Here are some of my most memorable captures with the Fujifilm X Pro2, enjoy…