June 03, 2020

Cameras that made me - Ricoh GRD

I first picked up the Ricoh GR camera in 2010, having read many articles of what this gem of a tiny camera was capable of doing, so I snapped one up for a mere £125.

The camera was in fantastic condition, well looked after by the previous owner. Despite only housing a 8.1 million pixel sensor, the camera had something special… it had soul.

The camera is renowned for producing sublime black and white jpg files, the look, almost reflecting the realism of film.

I believe in the right hands this camera can help create incredible images with soul and thus justify that you don’t necessarily need mega pixels and a mega priced camera to accomplish your art.

The GR camera generation has progressed to present day, but for me the original is in my eyes still the special one. The following are some images captured with the Ricoh GR Digital and processed through DxO’s Silver Efex Pro. Further examples can be viewed in the gallery