August 06, 2020

The Big M...

Sorry its got nothing to do with that burger joint... I'm talking shooting manually, something I seem to be doing more often.

In the past I would normally shoot aperture priority but gradually started to use full on manual, focused inclusive.

I guess this motive is inherited from my film shooting days, a distant memory but still recollective. There was a certain joy and anticipation when shooting in the good ole film days. One had 24-36 opportunities to capture images, so there would be a certain thought process involved and bit more of an appreciation and care of what your potential subject matter would be. I try to reflect these sentiments in my present day shooting and appreciate the control one can have and the ease it offers to visualise image capture in full manual mode.

With the advancement in technology, the electronic viewfinders are quite accurate to see how the image will expose when shooting manually so this helps in exposure accuracy especially when gaging shadow and light intensity.

Here are some recent street captures where I went fully manual. With Fujifilm's superb focus peaking nailing manual focus is a breeze.