July 27, 2020

The ‘Evolution’ of my street photography

I’ve been taking photographs for… well a very long time.

I remember on my 17th Birthday, most teenagers would get a provisional driving licence, but me! I got a Zenith E SLR film camera and so began my adventures in photography. Never really knew much about street photography back in the day. I was big on shooting just about anything that looked interesting to me…

Slowly but surely my photography began to develop and my horizons expanded. Over the past 15 years I started to see an emergence of street themed imagery appearing in my captures.

Here is an early example of my street shooting circa 2005.

Once I joined the Fujifilm system in 2011 and bought my first Fujifilm camera the original X100, I captured an image that would define the path of my street photography journey… I rarely caption images but fittingly I called this Evolution… and as they say the rest is history…