March 21, 2022

The Green Goddess

On one cold February morning in the pandemic mania year of 2021,

I woke up and as usual, grabbed my iPhone as the wake-up alarm rang aloud. My vision was slightly burred having just opened my eyes to a new day.

Once I put on my spectacles things became clearer. I went into the Instagram App and noticed an alert. i noticed an Instagram story by Fujifilm UK and I had a mention in the story. Curious I scrolled the story and low and behold my name appeared and announcing that I had won a Fujifilm X100 photography competition.

I thought this can't be right, must be a wind-up or someone hacked my account and decided to play silly buggers with me. A few minutes later I received an official email from Fujifilm UK confirming that I had won the competition which I had quite frankly forgotten about entering the year before. I could not believe it and also the prize… being a very limited special edition release of the Fujifilm X100V, apparently it was one of 18 made worldwide!

A feeling of Euphoria rode throughout my body and I couldn’t contain my excitement. This was the winning image. With Fujifilm UK quoting “We thought the photo was a perfect example of what the X100 system was introduced for - capturing those finite moments that are gone in a second.”

I originally thought of perhaps keeping the camera boxed up as perhaps a future investment but after a few months I thought sod it this camera needs to see the light of day and since that day I’ve never looked back…