June 29, 2020

The Isolated Streets

Unless you’ve been living underground for that past 3 months and haven’t seen the light of day, the outbreak of the corona virus has changed the world in an unimaginable way.

We have almost be re-engineered into changing our behaviour in how we may interact in society.

So during this period most of the world had pretty much lived under some sort of lockdown. Although the situation is easing a little in London town, the time before was a tough call on everyone. Having little work in my paid profession, I decided to start working on an idea for a book entitled The Isolated Streets. It would be a reflection on the lockdown period illustrated with words and photography.

A lot of my street photography usually contains one or two subjects in the composition. The idea was to use the images as a metaphor-based on the theme of social distancing and isolation.

And 3 months down the line, I have finished the book and very pleased with the final outcome. I've had a very positive feedback including having the book featured on Fujicast podcast as their 'book of the week' (at around 1hr 1min 52secs into the podcast)

 If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact me directly. Available to ship to UK, Europe and rest of the world. Here are some sample pages from the book.