January 12, 2021

The Traveller - India

Having an Indian heritage in my blood I have always had a connection to India despite being born and raised in the UK.

My first visit was when I was a mere 6 years old and seems a distant memory, although I still recollect little moments such as chewing on sugarcane acquired from the rural fields and being in a wooden carriage pulled along by holy cows.

My first opportunity to photograph India came in 1990. Armed with an Olympus OM20 and couple of lens I captured the wonderment and colour I saw in front of my eyes. Along with further trips where eventually digital capture replaced film, I had realised I had a good selections of images and felt the need to create something with them.

Circa 2010 I decided to produce a coffee table style book, showcasing a cross section of images of my travels over a 15 year period. I produced a copy to evaluate and give it a test run with a few people.

There was a lot of positive feedback and a few comments mentioned how great it would be if I can add some words to the narrative of the book. This led to me starting a notebook with thumbnail images which featured in the book and started to formulate thoughts and feelings over a year.

I put together version 2 of the book now with maps and words to enhance each image. I produced another copy of the book and presented to a few people in the industry who were very positive and suggested I should go ahead and publish. I investigated this for a while but never pursued further.

Fast forward to 2020 and having produced a number of other self published books I decided to re size the book to a more comfortable and economic size. Having produced some test copies I feel now I have something quite special and hope to make available to purchase very soon.