Over the past few years, I have been developing a number of self-published photo zines and books. And slowly but surely they are beginning to see the light of day.

The Isolated Streets is now available to purchase from Amazon. The book is a personal reflection of the lockdown period in London in 2020 through words and street photography which reflect the sentiments of isolation and social distancing. I designed, wrote, photographed, and self-published the project.

The book was featured on the Kevin Mullins and Neale James Fujicast podcast as their 'Book of the Week' (around 1hr 1min 52secs into the podcast). I was also a guest on another episode of the Fujicast podcast to talk about my street photography. I feature around 23mins 20secs into the podcast. The book was also featured on Creative Evangelist, Daniel Milnor's (Blurb US creative director) website.


My travelogue photo book The Traveller India is also available from Amazon. The book covers my journey throughout India over a number of years. The book captures my feelings and thoughts as I travelled many roads.

I currently have several other projects in development including a RAW Streets series which explores the streets of London, Brighton, and Copenhagen.